Sea Salt, Olive Oil Body Scrub

Lemon Lavender

Our most requested body scrub. Pamper yourself with a little bit of Europe; the scent of fresh lemon and lavender buds combined with silky extra virgin olive oil and exfoliating French Sea salt....Ooh La La! 7 oz


Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil is the star of this scrub. Its natural antiseptic properties help heal minor skin aggravations while the olive oil soothes the skin. A hot steamy bath or shower will accentuate the benefits of this favorite. 7 oz.


Lime Sage

With the warm, herbal smell of sage and the bright scent of lime, this will soon be your favorite exfoliating scrub. Whether it's after a tough day stacking that woodpile or just a quick way to spoil yourself we know you'll appreciate this. 7 oz.



Want that jolt to wake you up in the shower? This is the body scrub you've been looking for! Invigorating and fresh it will get your dreaded morning off on the right track with the zip of peppermint oil. 7oz.


Vanilla Bean

Warm vanilla permeates your pores while you're indulging in this scrub. Real vanilla bean seeds are added with the essential oils for extra richness. It smells so good; it just might make you hungry! 7oz.


Orange Peppermint

The same ingredients as our Peppermint body scrub only with the added citrus zing of orange. Slivers of grated peel and juice from fresh oranges make for a clean scent treat for your senses. 7oz.



Remember that cousin that you thought was the coolest thing alive? She wore bell bottoms, had a boyfriend with long hair and skipped school a lot and you idolized her. Bring back that vibe with this retro treat. All the same natural ingredients as the others but with the earthy, "everything is cool" scent of patchouli. 7 oz.


Rescue Balm

Looking for a little skin relief? Rescue Balm will….well…come to the rescue! With ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, calendula, violet leaf, comfrey, chickweed, vitamin E and tea tree oil, this balm will soothe many skin aggravations. This great, mild smelling product will moisturize and care for your skin. Naturally.. 2 oz


Lemon Mint Lip Balm

Light and moisturizing, this lip balm has not one but two different kinds of natural oils to keep your lips soft without the heavy feel of petroleum products. Extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, vitamin E and unbleached beeswax are the simple nurturing ingredients of this treat.
.20 oz tube.